Arūnas Gricius


Original photographer's style, lots of space and feeling in the photos. It can't help but catch your eye. - Romualdas

A good photo shoot always needs a strong photographer and Arūnas is just that. There's a very human and understanding energy during the photo session, which is equal to therapy. The photographer prioritizes comfort and coziness, allows and helps you to express yourself, and creates an atmosphere where you feel as if you are with a good old friend. All this helps you to relax, and prevents you from asking questions such as "How do I pose now?". All in all, I highly recommend it: amazing shots and the time spent during the photo session will make you feel how deep and powerful we humans are. - Lauryna

Wonderful photographer! Very good atmosphere during the whole photo session, no feeling of self-consciousness, everything is discussed amongst each other, trying to experiment and take photos that are unusual but at the same time very sensual. We are very happy with the photos and the experience! We are looking forward to the next meetings. - Ovidijus

Walk as if you were kissing the ground with your feet.

What can be against love?

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